Delores Mountain, Alpine, TX

By , August 9, 2015 11:06 pm

deloresmountainA tragic love story sets the background for this haunting. The mountain is names for a tall, dark-haired woman whose ghost is seen here. She was working as a servant girl in a large house outside Laredo in the 1800s when she fell in love with a sheepherder. They spent many weeks away from each other when he was out herding sheep in the mountains. When they were apart, they lit brush fires to communicate over the great distance. Unfortunately for them, the Apaches also saw the fires. One night they attacked and killed the sheepherder. After her love was murdered, Delores still climbed the mountain to light her fire, hoping for a reply fire in the distance. She climbed the mountain and set fires until she could no longer do so. To this day her spirit can still be seen lighting her fire and hoping for her lover’s response.

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