Desoto Falls – Mentone, AL

By , October 18, 2009 3:08 am

desoto-fallsThis rural waterfall is said to be haunted by Nancy Dollar, known as Granny, who passed away in January 1931 when she was 108 years old.  After her death, her beloved dog, Buster, was put to sleep and buried along side his master.   Shortly thereafter, the old mountain woman and her dog were seen walking through the woods around this rural waterfall or near the ruins of her old cabin.  Legend says she was looking for justice.

Shortly before her burial, some thieves stole the old woman’s savings, which she has been saving so she could buy a proper headstone.  Her restless spirit rose in search of the theives and the lost money.  She was sighted so frequently that her neighbors finally bought her a proper headstone in 1973.  Reports say that Granny seems to have been appeased by this, but they say her dog still appears. 

Mentone is in eastern DeKalb County, just off I-59 on Highway 117.

You can find out more about Desoto Falls here.

DeSoto Falls in Mentone, Alabama after the Spring rains May 2009

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  1. hollyewatson says:

    I was born & raised in DeKalb County. I am also the current President of Landmarks of DeKalb County, Inc., a non-profit preservation group that owns & maintains several historical properties in the area.
    So that’s my spill & here’s my 2 cents : )

    Granny Dollar is buried in Little River Cemetery in Mentone, AL. Her tombstone was purchased using donations from local citizens lead by Mrs. Annie Young, who designed the marker. Dobson Mermorials furnished the inscription & erected the marker for no charge in December 1973. Buster, Granny’s faithful dog, is not buried beside her. Buster rests at the base of a large boulder at Alpine School (now Alpine Camp for Boys) near DeSoto State Park.

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